Facebook's Mobile Event: The Writing Is On The Places Wall

We’re currently on a bus on the 101 South heading down to yet another Facebook event. We don’t know too much about this event other than it is centered around mobile. And while we don’t know anything for certain, one thing we have heard that is very likely coming is the Places Write API.

I know, it’s not as sexy as a Facebook iPad app or the mythical Facebook Phone. But still, this new API will be very useful to a range of location-based startups hoping to further leverage Facebook’s massive social graph. This means that you’ll be able to check-in on your favorite location app and it can also automatically check you in to a Facebook Place.

Facebook launched Places a few months ago with API support for Read, Write, and Search, but they limited the Write element to a limited group of companies who were testing it in private beta. One of these was Gowalla and more recently Loopt.

That’s all for now though I’m certain there will be more sexy things to come. For those at home who wish to follow along at home, you can watch a live stream of the event here. The event begins at 10:30 AM PT, we’ll be covering it live.

Update: One more strong possibility: Places Deals are likely coming as part of today’s event as well. This has been in testing.

Update 2: Yep, Facebook has just confirmed both of these things.