Conduit Reports Stats And Groupon App – Microsoft Acquisition Rumors Come Extra

Conduit, the VC-backed company that enables publishers to create and distribute apps on the Web via browser toolbars, is sharing some stats with the world today (as they’ve done before).

The startup says it currently powers apps for a network of over 260,000 web publishers, including Mochi Media and, enabling it to reach a potential audience of some 200 million users via its Conduit Network. The company adds that Conduit-powered apps have increased in user adoption, on average, by 69% each month during the past 12 months.

Social commerce sensation Groupon is taking part in Conduit’s PR blitz with the announcement of a brand new Groupon Browser App, which notifies Groupon users, regardless of where they are on the Web, when new local deals are available (US customers only for now).

Meanwhile, and timed perfectly, an Israeli publication claims Microsoft is looking to acquire Conduit for a reported $300 million, citing sources.

We’re digging to find out more about the alleged acquisition talks between Microsoft and the company, but I daresay the timing of the rumormongering is a tad suspicious.

A spokesperson for Conduit tells me there’s simply “no truth to the rumor”, and Microsoft informed the Israeli reporter who published the rumor that it wouldn’t comment on speculation.

Still, Conduit is reportedly profitable and good for some $100 million in revenues (it has an agreement with Google in place), so combined with the distribution power it is so aptly touting this morning, it might indeed make for an interesting acquisition target.

We’ll update if and when we learn more.