ChoiceVendor Founder Yan-David Erlich Leaves LinkedIn After Two Months

We’ve just learned that ChoiceVendor founder and CEO Yan-David Erlich has left LinkedIn, just under two months after his startup was acquired by the professional social network. Erlich was a formerly a product manager at Google, Battery Ventures EIR and founder of Mogad/Social.IM.

He sold the latter to iSkoot before he founded ChoiceVendor, which he then sold to LinkedIn for an undisclosed amount rumored to be in the $5 million rage.

Sources say that Erlich, who must be walking away from a large amount of equity, is leaving the company for personal reasons. We’ve also heard that LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner is not particularly thrilled about this latest development — Weiner himself admitted that ChoiceVendor was primarily a talent acquisition on LinkedIn’s part.

ChoiceVendor provided realtime ratings and reviews for B2B service providers before it was folded into LinkedIn on September 23rd. In addition to former Google product manager Erlich, the company hired ChoiceVendor co-founder and former Googler Rama Ranganath, who will be staying on staff.

Update: LinkedIn representative Mario Sundar tells TechCrunch,”We support Yan-David’s decision to leave for personal reasons and wish him all the best.”