Not Disruptive Enough: Audioo Up For Sale

Audioo launched (or rather, relaunched) as a sort of “Blippy for voicemail” at the TechCrunch Disrupt conference in New York earlier this year. Basically,the idea was for the site to grow into a massive database of transcribed voicemails, amusing prank calls, 911 calls and other voice recordings.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t much of a disruptive business idea, and the site simply failed to attract a sufficient number of contributors and visitors to stand on its own two feet.

Today, AudioMicro (Audioo’s parent company) is putting the site up for auction.

No need for Audioo to be deadpooled though, says AudioMicro CEO Ryan Born – he claims it only costs about $500 per month to operate and hopes the auction draws enough interest for the site to end up in the hands of a new owner that can foster it.

Meanwhile, Born and co will continue to focus on stock music and sound effects site, which is said to be growing at a fast clip.

You can find the listings on Flippa and eBay if you’re interested in the Audioo auction details.