Component Makers Whisper That Chrome OS Will Ship In November

We’ve been expecting Chrome OS for a long, long time. We’ve heard that it would launch this fall, most vocally from Acer, which has made various promises about Chrome OS devices being on the way. Well, the time for Chrome OS’s debut may in fact be approaching: Digitimes reports that the launch will be this month, and the big players will show off their kit before the holidays.

The information comes from shadowy “component players,” middle-men who are probably working on the display for the iPhone 5 right now but only occasionally get a whiff of branding, allowing them make these kinds of statements. They say that Google will be (as rumored) releasing a self-branded device, which I think is a smart move.

Personally, I’m very much looking forward to Chrome OS. It’s more compelling to me than Android as a tablet OS, though as time has worn on, Google has made its mobile OS a bit more suitable for larger screens.

Whether it’s the glorified browser some fear or the transformative ideal thin client some hope for is still a mystery. We’ll find out soon, I guess.