Biggest Browser Share Gain In October Goes To Chrome

Browser market share numbers are out for October from Net Applications. Chrome made the biggest gains with a 0.49 percent jump from September to 8.47 percent.

Chrome is the third most popular browser after Internet Explorer (59.26 percent) and Firefox (22.82 percent). Both FireFox and IE saw their overall market share positions erode slightly by 0.39 percent and 0.14 percent, respectively. Safari was up a smidge (0.06 percent) to 5.33 percent, and Opera declined 0.11 percent to 2.28 percent.

When you drill down into specific browser versions, IE 8 is the single largest browser with 29 percent share. IE 9, which just launched in beta in mid-September, is just now beginning to raise its head in the browser share tables at 0.32 percent share. On Windows 7, IE 9 is up to 1.29 percent share and growing fast.