Review: POWER A Pro Pack Mini Wii Controller

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Are your Wii controllers far too large for your minuscule hands? Are you dwarfed by the Wii nunchuk? Are you a tiny elf-man, unable to flail at your TV without your strap sliding up your arm, over your shoulders, and down to the floor around your feet? Man, has Power A got something for you.

When I saw these controllers for the first time I was a bit confused. The average person doesn’t specifically need a smaller Wiimote. However, once you pop this $49 out of its bubble pack you kind of realize that yes, you occasionally do need a smaller Wiimote, especially a tiny one that is Motion Plus compatible.

The remote is clad in black or purple rubber and the entire thing is about four inches long. It’s a nice “third controller” that doesn’t take up much space and its useful for smaller hands – or when smaller hands want to take your Wiimote and you’re stuck with the tiny Mini Wii Controller.

In the grand scheme of things do you need this Wiimote over a full-sized Nintendo or third party Wiimote? Probably not, but kids may get a kick of having their own smaller model and, more important, you can run around like a pool shark with your own mini Wiimote in a little leather satchel that you use to hustle folks down at the Wii Sports competition at the local bar.

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