Online IM service MessengerFX reborn as a social platform called LiveGO

MessengerFX, a major player from Turkey, looks to be making good use of the investment recently received from Golden Horn Ventures and is coming out with a whole new face and name. Rebranded LiveGO, the messaging service is actually a completely redeveloped version, although both brands will stay alive for a while, says founder Yusuf Yildirim.

Started in 2006 as an online IM service, MessengerFX now reaches 10 million users worldwide. With LiveGO, the team plans to build on this success with a enhanced social experience.

In addition to providing IM services, LiveGO makes it possible to access Hotmail and Gmail, and Yahoo and AOL access will be available very soon. LiveGO isn’t ignoring social media either and lets users add their Twitter and Facebook accounts. It also makes submitting shared status updates a breeze. Foursquare, Linkedin, Myspace, and Friendfeed are among the services that will be joining LiveGO soon.

It’s fair to say that LiveGO is an improvement over MessengerFX’s design, in looks and functionality. Menus managing the main screen make the LiveGO experience more intuitive, while it seems that calendar, tasks, notes and reminders will make LiveGO a true personal assistant.

Yildirim says that they have been working to offer an upper level service with data mining and this version is the first step in that process. Yildirim added that they will be giving support for POP3 and IMAP, and a customized interface will be an important part of LiveGO. Yildirim also says that the service has the largest user audience in Europe, with Spain and France following Turkey. A native Turkish interface will be activated shortly.