U.S. Cellular picks up the Samsung Galaxy Tab

Though they’re the 6th largest carrier in the US, U.S. Cellular isn’t really known for offering brand spankin’ new mobile technology. They’ve always had plenty of phones, mind you — they just tended to go for phones that were perhaps a bit older, or a bit less flashy.

That all started to change back in April, when U.S. Cellular announced that they were getting the HTC Desire. Months later, they kicked things up a notch again with their own Samsung Galaxy S variant, the Mesmerize — and now it looks like they’re going to try to ride the cutting edge with the latest and greatest trend: Tablets. Their first? The Android-powered Samsung Galaxy Tab.

Alas, as is par for the course for U.S. Cellular, they’re being pretty light on the details. All we know about this thing are the specs, but they’re the same specs we’ve come to know already: 7″ WSVGA touchscreen, a 1GHZ Hummingbird CPU, rear and front cameras, etc. Pricing? Nope. Launch date? Of course not. Hell, they’re not even showing a shot of a U.S. Cellular branded Galaxy Tab yet. Expect this thing to hit the shelves some time before the Holiday season — but beyond that, it’s all still a mystery.