Calm Down, Angry Birds: Moshi Monsters Projecting $100 Million in Product Sales

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A quick disclosure: readers of my last book will be familiar with the story (which you can read here) of London-based entrepreneur Michael Acton Smith.

Smith co-founded boy’s toys e-tailer straight out of university, before moving on to launch an interactive puzzle start-up called Mind Candy. By the end of the book, Mind Candy had gained success with its ambitious Perplexcity alternative reality game (ARG) but hadn’t quite tipped over to the mass-market.

Michael is a friend – and a fellow Brit – so, obviously, I was really rooting for the company to deliver on its potential. I was one of the first to write about Mind Candy when I was at the Guardian and I promised that, when the company finally tipped, I’d be the first to write a follow up.

And yet…


  • anl

    incredible firebox

  • Moncler4u

    angry birds is my favorite!!!!!

  • Admin

    I like the angry birds game

  • Sweety-lollypop

    where we find angry bird in moshi monster

  • moshi monsters

    50million members since 2008 – that is HUGE! And growing at the rate of
    1 signup per SECOND. Incredible! One out of every two children aged
    between 5 and 12 in the UK has a Moshi Monster account. Amazing!

  • Pops123

    fantastic game
    luv it

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