True Frenemies: Facebook Works Both Against And With

Remember several months ago when both Google and Facebook decided to get into the URL shortening game? We wondered if, the market leader, was fu.kd? And we were hardly alone.

But nearly a year later, it seems like they’re doing more than fine as neither Facebook nor Google seemed to take their shortener too seriously for much of that time. It was only just about a month ago that Google opened up their product to more directly compete with But it looks like Facebook, which runs, has sort of gone the other way. They’re actually now working with

Have you noticed the URLs on Twitter and elsewhere with the “” domain? Those are actually Facebook links that have been shortened by Don’t believe me? Just add a “+” to any of the domains and you’ll be taken to a page with detailed analytics for that link. For example, try this one that Facebook’s own Brandee Barker sent out on Twitter recently.

To be clear, is still run by Facebook itself, but the company apparently realized that a lot of users (and even some employees like Barker) were still using to shorten links, so they decided to work with to have some branding on those links as well. Hence,

Google, meanwhile, doesn’t do this. Any Google link shortened with will just get the generic URL. They remain frenemies minus the whole “fr” part.