Archos Gen8 Series Getting Android 2.2 Soon

Good news for the Archos fans out there who’ve been waiting on the Froyo update since the new line’s introduction in August. It seems that the time is drawing near when you will have it running officially on your tablet &mdsah; though you certainly might have hacked it on there before now. This is the official build, much less risk of bricking.

Our excited narrator doesn’t have too much to say regarding the the upgrade other than that it’s really cool and fast, which I believe. An Archos 70 is looking like a good deal in today’s tablet market, though to be honest I’m waiting to see what Google’s got up its sleeve for Gingerbread. Hopefully Archos users will be able to take advantage of that, though rumored resolution restrictions might spoil their fun. Actually, I can’t imagine that 1024×600 and 800×480 (on the Archos 101 and 70 respectively) wouldn’t be supported; they’re extremely common.