The Europas Advisory Board Is Go!

I’m excited to announce the members of The Europas Awards Advisory Board.

What’s so great about this year’s board (just as with last year’s) is that we have a fantastic spread of experience across the spectrum of the tech scene in Europe, and people who really know the scene inside and out.

Over the next few days, our Advisory Board will also be looking at the nominations and selecting their winners for the Europas. We’ll also be supplying them with information about the companies nominated. Their choices will be heavily informed by the industry’s choices via the public voting (that’s you guys). And of course it goes without saying that they won’t be able to vote for any company (or person for that matter) in which they have any kind interest or association.

Here at TechCrunch Europe HQ we can see just how much and how often everyone is voting in these awards (thanks to PollDaddy) and its fascinating to see the voting live. So keep telling us who you like and thus increase your influence on the Europas Advisory Board.

Here are the CrunchBase entries for our Advisory Board: