Poland's Facebook, Nasza Klasa, rumoured to be for sale for €130m

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We’re hearing from two separate sources that Nasza Klasa, the largest Polish social networking platform, is on the block for €130 million.

Launched in November 2006, at its height the service had over 27 million registered users. But figures have been nose-diving this year as Facebook eats into its core social networking user base. It may be that heat from Facebook which is prompting the sale. We’ve reached out to Nasza Klasa for comment.

The American investment fund Tiger Global is the current owner of Nasza Klasa, however there is also a stake owned by Excolimp, based in Cyprus (frankly the ownership is byzantine). From January 2008, the Polish portal belonged to Forticom, an investment vehicle belonging to Digital Sky Technologies (DST), which acquired a 62% stake, but divested itself of the NK interest to focus on Russia.

Nasza Klasa is similar in concept to the American-based Classmates.com, allowing its users to register from particular schools and graduation years.

We understand that the M&A bank advising on the deal is London-based NOAH Advisors.

We have some new figures now to update this. It appears Facebook is on 3.3m users, 2.5m per day while NK is now on 21m registered users, 13.5m monthly unique users and 6.5m daily unique users. In other words it probably has a lot more registered than active users. It appears the domain change to nk.pl may have scewed it’s numbers down for a bit.

The company has also sent us a response: “Currently, the company is completely in the hands of private investors, which opens up new opportunities [our emphasis] for searching for partners interested in building long-term value of the portal and strengthening the position of NK. Not comment on valuations of the company presented in the media.”

(there are ceo’s of forticom behind – Vitaly Rubstein and Igor Slahov). With companies based on Cyprus, you never know, however, I asked Nk some time ago is there any connection between Tiger Global and Excolimp. And they say, there are no connections at all. Perhaps they were not true, but the statement was firm.
I’d like to know if you know that from your sources – that TG is the current owner of Nasza-klasa?

However, it’s clear Facebook is gaining on the site.

  • Mike

    Poalnd – there is no such country ;)

    • domichal

      Mike is right! there’s USA only and the Earth is flat :)

      • http://boringpic.wordpress.com/ Devlinsky

        Earth is next to Nevada, right?

    • http://boringpic.wordpress.com/ Devlinsky

      I thought Europe was a country!

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  • ana

    NK.pl has never had 27 million registered users.

    • http://www.adtaily.pl Kris

      in Poland everything is possible.
      not long time ago Julia from polish adv service adtaily claimed that they have more users from Poland than Poland has internet slots at all :)

      • http://www.adtaily.com Jakub Krzych

        It was about Unique Users measured by cookies and it is always more cookies than real users.

  • jackjack

    Maybe AOL should buy it for 850M

  • President

    Overpriced . It’s like myspace but much worse. At least myspace is thinking of a redesign/restructure. This green bloated piece of …. is not moving anywhere.

    • Mike

      Agree. However, polish specific is that teenage (and 20+ as well) tend to pick polish websites for many web services. Don’t know if it is just a language barrier or something deeper (I guess some mix).
      It is still worth to buy such user base.

      • diz

        nasz klasa was at its peak about 1-2 years ago. Now everyone I know uses facebook. nk is used by some 40+ old people.

    • Artur

      they just launched new, revolutionary feature called “groups” ;) surprisingly a moment after facebook did it.
      nk.pl is a typical “lets earn quickly by selling ads, ads and what else? maybe more ads?” pseudo-status updates with ridiculous name, even more ridiculous puppet resembling spongebob squarepants… it’s deemed to lose the fight with facebook. even if they do, they lack the multicultural userbase.

      • Artur

        I meant, even if it manages to redesign and change its ways of treating users, they are deemed to loose.

        btw, the new slogan (changed a while ago) couldn’t be more plain. “place of meetings”.

      • Anna

        …and surprisingly the slogan of Wrocław (where it is located) is: Wrocław – the meeting place :)

  • ExBonum

    130 is way too much for a sinking ship…

  • http://www.dailyhtcblog.com/ navidndc1078117

    With over 27 million users, the rumor of selling the biggest regional social network of Poland @$130m might appear worthy enough, but as a matter of fact, in recent times its popularity was well shaken up by other prominent platforms like Facebook, Twitter.

  • http://kwpolska.co.cc Kwpolska

    It shall be sold for $0 to /dev/null.

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  • Mateusz

    NK’s Official response: http://bit.ly/azJlPA

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  • kuba

    Total Internet base in Poland is about 17-20 mln users, and about 2/3 of them had an account on NK in it’s peak.
    The value of NK is that it has quite big user base of users in age 40+ who started using it 2,3 yeas ago and it was their first Internet experience. They will stick to it.
    @Mike in the case of younger people the language barrier isn’t a problem most of the times.

  • lol

    over 27 million registered users – lol Mike :D

  • http://sphamandla22.wordpress.com Sphamandla

    I think its way to much for a sinking ship too but 27 million users is quite a bunch of people there so that may the the whole push behind the price

    • ExBonum

      If they counted every single account there ever was on NK no matter if it still exists, they still would not come up to 27 million… Someone got creative that’s all…

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  • misw

    Where does the 27.000.000 comes from ? Can’t you do a little research before writing anything.

    On the front page it says clearly 13 million active users.

  • archas

    Maybe there are 27 M registered accounts (fictitious, brands etc), but not UU or active users for sure

  • Stonek

    You can read the official statement and a few more info what they are focusing on right now (eg. localisation services) here: http://bit.ly/9XX1wg

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  • http://dailymobile.pl/ Dailymobile

    To jest news:) Chętnych zapraszamy na Allegro haha:)

  • http://www.lustforgreen.com/ Joern

    This can´t be serious, one just needs to look at google trends to see that facebook is taking over Poland as well: http://trends.google.com/websites?q=http%3A%2F%2Fnk.pl%2F%2C+facebook.com&geo=PL&date=all

  • http://www.johnfernandez.com John Fernandez

    Does it ever make sense for a Facebook to look at how it can integrate existing content/friends and migrate them into Facebook? Might allow them to start gobbling up dying sites and get content into the system.

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  • Mike

    The huge drop at the beginning of summer of 2010 came from privacy regulations changes. Users were promted to accept them, or they will be signed out. As far as I know, NK didn’t put the threat in to life, but many users dropped it by themself.

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