Hellotxt brings its social dashboard to Android

Hellotxt has launched a version of its ‘social dashboard’ for Android. The app’s main feature is to offer an aggregated view of a user’s social networking activity on sites such as Facebook and Twitter, functionality that isn’t too dissimilar to the kind of thing that HTC’s Sense or Motorola’s MotoBlur provide as a way to differentiate their Android offerings from the rest of the market.

That said, Hellotxt has been in the social networking aggregator space for quite some time and the app represents a nice option for social network users and delivers a few unique features of its own:

The ‘Smart Feed’ is a consolidated view of Twitter and Facebook activity with the ability to comment, ‘Like’ and Retweet. That’s the part that is reminiscent of Sense or MotoBlur’s activity stream view. Interestingly, this aspect also supports Facebook pages.

Next up is the ability to post your location – again tying in with the likes of Foursquare – along with a map view and a feature that seems unique to Hellotxt, which is the option to doodle over the top of an image taken from the map and share this with friends. This is potentially useful as well as fun as you can scribble your own directions or notes.

Building on the doodle feature is an option to challenge a Facebook friend to a “Doodle-off” online. Silly but also fun I guess.

And finally, the app has a crowdsourced database of funny sayings or quotes for when you can’t think of anything to say in your status update. That could get quite annoying.