Amazon And Best Buy Sell Out Of Kinect Pre-Orders

I got taken to task yesterday by some humorless fanboys for what was clearly satire, so I’m going to play this one straight. It seems that both Best Buy and Amazon have ceased to issue pre-orders for the Kinect, although you can still buy a bundle with a new 360. This augurs well for Microsoft’s big bid to expand the gamer demographic. Maybe that $500 million ad push is working.

3rd-party sellers are ready to chisel you if you feel like overpaying, though. Remember, Kinect costs $150, not $500.

It’s also worth noting that the bundled title, Kinect Adventures, was the least interesting of the games we played at E3 (unlike Sports Champions, the Move bundled game, which outshone several “real” games). While the media center functionality is fun, you’ll probably want to pick up one or two of the other launch titles if you want to impress your buddies.

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