MapCrunch: It's Chatroulette Meets Google Street View

If Google Street View and Chatroulette mated and gave birth to a lovechild, it’d look a lot like MapCrunch. For the record, this is not a TechCrunch network site, and would have probably been better off with a name like MapRoulette or StreetviewRoulette or something.

Either way, if you want to be taken to a random location on Google Street View (in North America, Europe, Asia or Australasia), either by clicking a button or automagically after a couple of seconds, MapCrunch is the mash-up place to be.

Granted, it’s a silly little idea and site, but I still find it kind of mesmerizing, at least for a couple of minutes, to watch these random sceneries from all over the world pass by.

Big plus: unlike Chatroulette, chances are pretty thin you’ll see some random dude masturbating every few seconds.

Pro tip: enable the ‘Slideshow’ feature and just lean back.

Update: also check Globe Genie and this one made by StreetViewFunny.

Here’s a quick and dirty screencast I recorded: