Easyroommate lands on iPhone, flatshare hunting on the go

With the extremely high house prices and rents in certain parts of the UK, particularly in cities like London, flatsharing is a popular alternative even if it often means moving in with total strangers. One of the most popular sites to address this need is ten year veteran Easyroommate.co.uk, and today it launches on iPhone.

The idea is pretty simple: users can survey the area that they’d like to move into, using the Easyroommate app on their iPhone to locate potential flatshares in the vicinity. Details of available flatshare offers are displayed on a map of the local area, along with contact details (phone number or email), making it possible to arrange a viewing without the need to be in front of a PC.

The ability to flatshare hunt on the go – anywhere and anytime – could be particularly useful in light of the fact that the good opportunities often get taken up fast. Almost one in six flatshares are snapped up within 24 hours of being advertised, says Easyroommate, which sounds about right. Obviously, having access to a mobile app that you can check often will help.

Jonathan Moore, director of Easyroommate UK, calls the company’s new iPhone app “a new weapon in the flatshare arms race”, which is a bit overly dramatic but we get the point. “Users can easily miss out on ideal flats and rooms by simply being out for the day. But now flathunters have another tool in their armoury.”

For non iPhone-touting flatshare hunters, Easyroommate has also launched a mobile version of their site which can accessed on any smartphone.