Cashie Rings Up PayPal API To Offer Checkout Platform For Publishers

There are plenty of checkout and shopping cart solutions on the web; including Payvment, BigCommerce and others. Cashie is launching today as a cloud-based e-commerce platform that can be easily installed on a website or blog.

Cashie is designed for publishers using content management platforms such as WordPress, and can be integrated into a site by copying and pasting a few lines of code. The technology leverages PayPal’s X Developer Platform to allow users (who need to have a PayPal Website Payments Pro merchant account) to offer a PayPal and standard credit card checkout experience.

On the front end, buyers will see be able to see a shopping cart with all of their items that will allow them to change quantities, remove items from their cart, or checkout. The basic idea behind Cashie (which was developed by Web Assist) is that it is a dead simple way for any publisher to integrate a basic checkout an shopping cart system.

So do we need another checkout service? Cashie’s president Hieu Bui says yes. A former developer for PayPal, Bui says that the web needs a simple way for any user to start monetizing content or other products on their websites. A number of sites are already using Cashie, including a real estate site, a UK-based vacuum dealer, and a site selling fragrances.

Cashie also confirmed that it would soon be offering a micropayments option, leveraging PayPal’s soon-to-be launched Digital Goods platform, so that content creators can monetize their content.