Textbroker raises multi-million euro round for content marketplace

Sario Marketing, the company behind a digital marketplace for unique on-demand content called Textbroker.com, has landed a “multi-million Euro growth financing round” through funds advised by ViewPoint Capital Partners.

The German company plans to use the proceeds to expand into existing markets as well as new markets within and beyond Europe, starting with France.

Sario and ViewPoint Capital Partners were “brought together” by corporate finance consultancy agency INOVIS Capital, represented by Managing Director Christian Wexlberger.

Textbroker is essentially a platform for buyers and sellers of content to connect. The company promises its clients to deliver marketing copy, blog posts, press releases, magazine articles and whatnot in an SEO-optimized manner, full copyright included.

It cites example content such as “How to Play Boggle” in on its website and charges $1.20 (legible quality level) to $6.70 (professional quality level) per 100 words, in addition to a flat processing fee of $0.30 per order.

Textbroker is accessible either via its Website or through an API, allowing large-volume clients to integrate the service directly within their operational system environment.

All authors are said to be evaluated both by copyright service CopyScape for unique content to avoid plagiarism, as well as Textbroker’s full-time editorial staff for “linguistic quality”.

On a sidenote: only US citizens and residents can register as an author at Textbroker.

Since the launch of the platform back in 2005, Sario says Textbroker has attracted more than 100,000 registered freelance authors who offer their writing services to an international customer base ranging from small marketing agencies and affiliate web sites to large Internet platforms and international news and publishing corporations.

I would love to get some names of reference clients out of this company.