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Textbroker raises multi-million euro round for content marketplace

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Sario Marketing, the company behind a digital marketplace for unique on-demand content called, has landed a “multi-million Euro growth financing round” through funds advised by ViewPoint Capital Partners.

The German company plans to use the proceeds to expand into existing markets as well as new markets within and beyond Europe, starting with France.

Sario and ViewPoint Capital Partners were “brought together” by corporate finance consultancy agency INOVIS Capital, represented by Managing Director Christian Wexlberger.

Textbroker is essentially a platform for buyers and sellers of content to connect. The company promises its clients to deliver marketing copy, blog posts, press releases, magazine articles and whatnot in an SEO-optimized manner, full copyright included.

It cites example content such as “How to Play Boggle” in on its website and charges $1.20 (legible quality level) to $6.70 (professional quality level) per 100 words, in addition to a flat processing fee of $0.30 per order.

Textbroker is accessible either via its Website or through an API, allowing large-volume clients to integrate the service directly within their operational system environment.

All authors are said to be evaluated both by copyright service CopyScape for unique content to avoid plagiarism, as well as Textbroker’s full-time editorial staff for “linguistic quality”.

On a sidenote: only US citizens and residents can register as an author at Textbroker.

Since the launch of the platform back in 2005, Sario says Textbroker has attracted more than 100,000 registered freelance authors who offer their writing services to an international customer base ranging from small marketing agencies and affiliate web sites to large Internet platforms and international news and publishing corporations.

I would love to get some names of reference clients out of this company.

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  • taju

    hallo….blogwalking mr

  • Magento Kid

    Really like the blog some useful stuff there, if you fancy having a look at my own blog there’s a few things about Magento and all things webby. Check it out!

    Magento Kid

  • Oskar

    Isn’t that kinda stupid if they offer the site in Germany but only US-Americans can register as authors? As far as I know very few Americans are able to produce professional quality German copy.

    • Tim

      Definitely strange…

      I’d say they try to make people believe they’re “big in the US”, trying to scare US copycats away, as long as they cannot expand in the US…

      Well, good luck with that.

    • Jojo

      They do offer their german services on and there are a lot German authors. Robin probably looked just at

      I bought a few hundred articles from since 2007. You get what you pay for …

    • Christina

      Hi Oskar and Tim,
      We have two separate companies and two separate websites:, an English language site with administrative staff in the US, and, a German language site with support in Germany. has more than 50,000 US-based authors. has a separate database of 51,000 German authors.
      I hope this clears up any confusion.
      Christina Zila
      US Branch Manager
      Textbroker International

      • Oskar

        Hi Christina, thanks for the clarification. I was trying to point out the badly researched article contents (claiming that only US based authors are allowed while also claiming the site is available in Germany).

      • Robin Wauters

        Badly researched? I cite from the website:

        “Can I work for Textbroker even though I don’t live in the US?

        Unfortunately, due to U.S. tax regulations, we can only employ U.S. citizens and residents as freelancers at this time. We know that writers outside the U.S. are extremely talented and quick and would love to have them on board. It is the tax issue that prevents us from doing so.”

      • Oskar

        Hi Robin, can’t reply to your comment so I reply to myself.

        You should decide whether your article is about Textbroker (the brand) or (the US website of said brand). As you already mentioned, they are Germany based and have a German website as well as running as a business unit.

        In the article you claim that only US citizens and residents can sign up for Textbroker. This is wrong. There is no way they would find enough US citizen/resident German copy writers to keep their German site running. As everyone can read on, anyone can sign up for Textbroker on They even explain in their FAQ that payment can be via bank transfer within the EU and by Paypal worldwide. On, however, only US citizens and residents can sign up.

        Since Techcrunch has readers worldwide it would be nice if your articles make it clear where you focus on the offerings of a complete company or just their localized US product. I would be interested why you chose to operate your English language product from the US where the tax law restricts you to only have US based writers. Couldn’t you operate the English language product from any country in the world?

    • Dani Schenker

      Jojo is right. The german site is big… I am a client there too…

  • puzzler

    They entered into the US market in 2008 and kicked it of on PubCon 2008 – in 2009 their booth was swamped with SEOs buying there! I like this company a lot!

    • Christina

      Thanks puzzler! We’ll be exhibiting at PubCon again this year, so stop by if you have the chance!

  • Felix

    I like textbroker a lot. I first used the German site and later got some English texts as well. I have built relationships with some of the authors who deliver high quality work. Nice to hear about texbroker here on techcrunch.

  • Anne

    So whats the difference between textbroker and the hubpages? Can anyone explain because it looks to me like they are operating in the exact same market.

  • Stefan von Chefsessel

    i love this german service, i am client there , too. Awesome tool keep going on Textbroker!

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  • Veronica

    I wonder if TextBroker also has a Russian site because is a Russian website that offers SEO writing.

    • Ralf Schwoebel

      The .ru site just grabbed the domain, they have nothing to do with TB…

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