Motorola Droid Pro may cost $299

The BlackBerry-esque Motorola Droid Pro is definitely on its way, but, up until now, had been missing a price.

Well, no longer, as a test page on Verizon’s site (since removed) has delivered that all-important tidibt… but you may want to sit down* before reading it.

Ready? It’s $299.

This is a price that gives the phone the infamous title of “most expensive Android phone on the market” — stealing the moniker from the QWERTY-packin’ Epic 4G.

Now, before we go too far with this giving of titles nonsense, I really should make it clear that this isn’t by any means an official or final price.

It may be a placeholder, or it may be that Verizon have left out the mail-in rebate that you Americans love so much and that me, as an Australian, find so baffling. We just don’t know.

The finders of the page, Droid Life, have since found a similar page for the iPad, with its pricing at $699, which they feel confirms the accuracy of the place-holders. I still hold out hope.

But, if you’re keen for the Droid Pro, then you should probably start putting away your pennies until we hear otherwise from Big Red.

*I often browse the web standing up**.

**I often lie about my habits, in order to justify something I’ve said in a post***.

***I do not lie about phones.