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The Europas, the European Startup Awards 2010 for tech companies, will be held on November 19 in London (tickets available here). Entrants have been informed by Crunchbase, our database of startups, and will be voted on by the industry. These results will influence a subsequent voting round from The Europas Advisory Board of experts, chaired by TechCrunch Europe.

If you want to suggest a company that you think should be voted on by the industry, then please suggest it in the comments – but it does not guarantee entry, and any suggested company must either be in CrunchBase already or be submitted to CrunchBase. The judges’ decision is final. If you want more information on any of these entries… look on CrunchBase.

To sponsor this category please contact TechCrunch Europe Events and Sponsorship Director Aléna Dundas on alena [@] (@alenadundas on Twitter)

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  • Vote In #TheEuropas – The TechCrunch Europe Awards 2010, Nov 19

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  • #TheEuropas : votez pour les meilleures start-up en Europe !

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  • Charissa Shaw

    The founder institute offers a lot of value to start-ups, I’m one of them!

  • Rajesh Balasubramanian

    I would strongly recommend Founder Institute – great program with excellent mentors and a great place to start your company.

    • Sloba Car

      I would strongly recommend that the people from Founder institute restrain from spamming TC.

  • Larry Maloney

    Can we see the results in real time? I posted my vote, but no results.

    • Mike Butcher

      Results are reserved for judges.

  • Tarun Arora

    Totally agree that Founders Institute is an awesome place to learn the skills to create a company and network with great founders & mentors.

  • Phil Dewey

    Founders Institute Rocks! The quality and breadth of skills the mentors bring is truly amazing.

  • Matthias Galica

    The Founder Institute, at the very least, is the most attractive.

  • Jens

    AaltoVG has helped us out a lot and is awesome!

  • Tugce Ergul

    Why didn’t Startup Weekend make the list? They are all over Europe and were the inspiration for programs like Garage 48 and Launch 48.

    • Mike Butcher

      This is an award for a proper, long term programme for startups.

      • Joe Dean

        How is Greenhouse (Ireland) on the short list? AFIK this dosn’t exist, figment of some guys imagination.

  • http://luisriverag luisriverag

    Thanks for the nominations to Tetuan Valley and Startup Bootcamp! Glad to see the list is growing and entrepreneurs have more and more options between different accelerator programs

    • Riskcontainment

      Both nominations are well deserved. Congratulations!

      • Juan Moreno

        testimonial: startupbootcamp is really cool.

  • Simone Brummelhuis

    Could you include Its a venture accelerator programme (1000 advisers, 60% success rate) with a high success rate, it has since 2 years an ongoing programme in London for European companies.

  • Simone Brummelhuis

    Could you also include thenextwomen mentoring programme; its a proper short- and long term programme for startups, launched in May 2010.

  • Carlos Mena

    I am working with these guys and they are simply awesome, totally commited and full of passion. Luis and Bernardo, the founding partners, gave up a lot to start this project from the ground. Just visit their website at and find out by yourself.

    A great place to be and a great partner to have if you are a start up in Spain!

  • Ben Johnson

    Yup i got to say I am really enjoying being part of – i feel like i have shaved a year off of getting my venture started and its gaining momentum every day.

  • Carlos Hernando

    There is a typo in “ (Sapin)”, it’s from Spain :)

  • Shikha Kuhar Dahiya

    Tetuan is a great asset for entrepreneurs in Spain. Use it and you’ll agree that its better to overcome some initial hiccups of being a start up, using another’s experience. Save your precious time for your core work!! Good Luck!!

  • Matt Johnston

    Hi folks,

    We’re very happy to see StartVI mentioned there considering the competition on the list – it’s not about the winning, it’s about knowing who else is out there doing stuff – people we can learn from and people we can help.

    StartVI has just completed the first pilot year and have started taking names for potential companies for the 2011 intake.

    Thanks for the listing!


  • Evert Bopp

    Delighted to see the listing here but agree with Matt’s comment above. It’s not about the programmes winning but it’s about the start-ups becoming succesful.
    Starting & running one of these requires a lot of hard work, dedication and support from a wide range of people quite often provided on a pro-bono basis. It is all about recognising the importance of a vibrant and fertile start-up environment and the role that this plays in economic growth and recovery.
    I for one am positive about the future!

  • rutherford

    I voted but ‘best ongoing programme’ is a bit weird – how do we know how successful they’ll be until the startups involved prove their worth?

    This will largely be about incumbents voting for their own programme…

  • fedd

    how could I vote for other than Seedcamp? :)

  • Patrick Lismore

    Well done @StartVI ,

    well done everyone else on this list.

  • Anh-Tuan Gai

    Founder Institute is not only a start-up programme, it’s also a founder programme, and this is an enormous difference. After the programme I have a stronger project but I feel also stronger to start any other project. Did I mentioned that I raised money before the end of the programme with 2 investors: one mentor and one I met in the investor session… FYI: I was at Seedcamp Berlin one year before… you can not compare what you learn in 2 days and what you learn in a 4 month intensive programme…

  • Iván de Benito

    Tetuan Valley ( ) in my opinion is a great way and a great startup programme to help enterpreneurs in their projects.

    Luis and Bernardo, her founders, are apassionate enterpreneurs who help another to make their dreams reality.

  • Maria Sipka

    I couldn’t talk more highly of – these are some of the most passionate, inspiring catalysts navigating in an extremely challenging environment to support fellow entrepreneurs. I believe in them so much that I have just become one of their mentors.

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