Vertu Constellation Quest hits the FCC. Like an E72, but really expensive

If you like your phones to be as prestigious as your cars, then you probably know of (or own a) Vertu — Nokia’s “luxury” phone brand.

If you don’t, you probably enjoy seeing these things (and their accompanying price tag) as much as I, so allow me to introduce you to the Vertu Constellation Quest.

The phone was announced last week by Vertu, but, in true “if you need to ask” style, they were lax on details like specs and price.

But, today, the phone passed through the FCC, and we now have access to its manual, and all the specs contained within.

So, what are we looking at? The phone is based on a Nokia E71/E72, and is running Symbian S60, with a modified Vertu interface and apps.

It rocks WiFi, Ovi Maps, a 3.5mm headphone jack, a camera (I’m guessing it’s 5MP like the E72) with flash and video recording, and comes bundled with a 32GB MicroSD card.

Those with a Learjet will be pleased to hear that the phone will work in most of the world, as it has quad-band GSM, and quad-band WCDMA (800/850/1900/2100).

But now for the most important part in a Vertu story, the punchline price: three models are available, the £5,000 (~US$7,800) version made from brushed stainless steel and black leather, and available in black or silver; the £5,900 (~US$9,300) version made from polished stainless steel with sapphire keys, and available in black or pink (?); or the top-o-the-line £17,300 (~US$27,100) yellow gold version.

Apparently — like with the millionaire who sports a Vertu — there are more models to come in the future.

If you’re interested, you can express interest on their website.

For an added bonus, I’ve thrown in a promo video, just for you, but don’t forget to check the gallery below the video for some screen shots of the modified S60 interface.