Cerevo Livebox: Broadcast Live Video On Ustream Without A PC

Have you ever wanted your camera to stream live video to the web (on Ustream) without having to carry a computer around? Then the so-called Cerevo Livebox [JP], made by Japanese startup Cerevo, might do the trick for you.

All you need to do is to connect your camera to the encoder box (which features S-Video and composite ports), find a Wi-Fi connection (there is no 3G module), and start live streaming on Ustream (after setting up an account through Cerevo’s website).

The Cerevo Livebox is sized at 132×103×28mm and weighs 450g. Its built-in 950mAh battery lets you live stream for about 2 hours, but you’ll get an AC adapter, too.

According to the company, the quality of pictures will stand at 352×288 resolution/30fps (here is a 24/7 live video sample). I saw a live demonstration during an event in Tokyo (where I live), and the live stream worked pretty well.

The box will cost $613, and Cerevo already accepts pre-orders on its Japanese website (it will go on sale next month). If you’re interested but live outside Japan, I’d suggest contacting specialized online stores like Geek Stuff 4 U. The first lot is already sold out, Cerevo CEO Takuma Iwasa told me.

We covered Cerevo’s “social” digital camera CEREVO CAM live! a few months ago.