Apple Has Unveiled iLife '11

Yup, as expected Apple unveiled the new version of iLife today, iLife ’11. Woo!

So what’s new?

In iPhoto: Fullscreen Faces and Places, new slideshow themes (this one below is called Places):

Here’s a holiday theme:

iLife ’11 will also pre-compose an e-mail for you with embedded photos:

This new view, which I believe is called Project View, displays all your photo books on a virtual bookshelf:

That’s it for iPhoto. Looks pretty good. Matt Burns, famous writer, just said that it’s the only Mac application he wishes he could have on his PC. I would agree.

Now for iMovie! Maybe it won’t be trash this time around?

First up: better audio editing.

And this here is the trailer editor, which turns your exciting summer vacation footage into a “movie trailer.” Sorta neat, but I imagine you’ll be tired of watching your kids’ movie trailers rather quickly:

Another shot of the trailer editor:

On to Garage Band…

Grove Timing, which is like a “spellcheck” for timing issues:

This is legitimately interesting, a new learn to play feature, which has a video of someone teaching you how to play an instrument:

Here’s another look:

How did I play lets you know when you’ve hit the correct note/timing (in green along the bottom) and wrong note/timing (in red):

iLife ’11 is free with new Macs, upgrades from old versions are $49. Available today!

That’s it!