Apple Adds Facetime to Macs [Update: Official]

Apple is busy running through all the new bells and whistles of iLife. It’s actually quite boring. But if you look close when the demo machine shows its dock, there’s a Facetime icon present, which seems to state that video chat service is coming to a Mac near you real soon.

Now this isn’t official yet. Steve-O hasn’t came out and said “Apple is adding Facetime to Macs” yet. But he will. Otherwise there wouldn’t be a Facetime icon in the dock of the demo machine. Follow our liveblog and you’ll see.

Update: It’s official now.

Everything is as expected. All the Facetime devices are compatible meaning an iPhone 4 user can talk to a Mac. There’s a full screen mode on the Mac version and there’s even a full-screen option.

The beta launches today at and start calling today. Sweet!