When Steve Jobs Rants, Visualizations Of His Words Materialize

Apple co-founder and CEO Steve Jobs went on a bit of a tirade against Google, and Android in particular, during the company’s quarterly earnings call yesterday.

You can listen to his rant or read the full transcript over on Macworld, but here’s another way to capture what the man said about the competition:

The above is an oft-used picture of Jobs, artfully turned into a word cloud based on his rantings, courtesy of Tagxedo. The latter service is a great way to visualize textual information, in spite of its God awful name.

As you can see, Android and Google are mentioned a lot, as are the words ‘app’ and ‘software’.

You can also tell Jobs called Apple’s ‘approach’ ‘integrated’ quite a lot (rather than ‘closed’), stressed the importance of ‘developers’ in the ecosystem often and used the word ‘fragmented’ to bash Google and Android the most. Android chief Andy Rubin employed a vastly different strategy to, in true geeky fashion, respond to the rant on Twitter.

I’m left hoping Steve Jobs makes more appearances in earnings calls in the future.

Bonus: a word cloud based on Jobs’ entire rant: