The Storm Might Not Be Over Yet: BlackBerry Storm3 spotted in VZW's inventory

Oh Rumor Mill; what a fickle beast you are. Just weeks ago, you told us that the BlackBerry Storm 3 for Verizon was dead before it even arrived — and now here you are, sitting in Verizon’s inventory system.

That little two color screen up there is a snap (obtained by PhoneArena) of Cellebrite, which Verizon uses for inventory management, backup, and phone-to-phone transfers. If something shows up there, it’s because VZW is (or at least was) planning to support it.

So, what does this all mean? Not a whole lot, really. Verizon could’ve had this scheduled to go live in the inventory system before the Storm3 got canned — or it might not have been canned at all. At this point, we’re ready to shift the Storm 3 into the “Screw this nonsense” category, wherein we just don’t bother writing about it any more until something a bit more solid comes along.