The Harman Kardon 3rd Generation SoundStick Speakers Are Now Available In The States

Harman Kardon introduced the 3rd generation of its classic SoundStick speakers in Japan over the summer. Not much is different from the 2nd incarnation, just a few slight tweaks, but the US availability wasn’t announced. Well, the company just changed that. The speaker set is available to US customers for $209. The press release states it’s available now, although all we’re seeing on the official website is the SoundStick II system, but that will probably change shortly. What’s different? Well, friend, I’m glad you asked.

The changes are minor, partly because the original design is so iconic. The new speakers sport a white LED light and black speaker feet to better match the latest iMac design. The 3rd generation also has a 3.5mm input, which allows for connecting audio players and other devices along with a computer. The controls are still built-into the mini-tower speaker and the integrated amp is still rated at 40W with 20W for the sub and 10W per satellite. The tl;dr is that if you don’t need an AUX-in or color-matching accents, save some cash and get the older one.