EchoSign Adds Social Identities To E-Signatures

EchoSign, the web-based electronic signatures and signature automation service, is launching new functionality today that allows users to use their web identities (Facebook, LinkedIn, Google) to e-sign contracts or other documents.

EchoSign’s electronic signature service lets you append digital signatures to contracts and other business documents, store them in digital form, and manage those documents without printing them out and faxing them. Currently, EchoSign has 30,000 enterprise customers using the service, including Dell, BT, Google, Facebook, OpenTable, Groupon, Intuit, Delta, Orange, Aetna, Time Warner Cable, Qualcomm, Citrix, Symantec, and Netsuite.

The web identity feature is designed to help provide an easy way to confirm identity in a transaction and help you tie their social graph to you e-signatures. Your social graph is automatically captured by EchoSign and attached to PDF copies of every signed contract, along with your email address, IP address, signature image, and chronological transaction history. While there’s no extra cost to use EchoSign web identity, you can also disable the feature.

EchoSign, launched back in 2006, has reached 2.2 million users, up from 1.2 million users earlier this year.