Brammo's Newest Electric Motorcycle, The Enertia Plus, Gets 80 Miles Per Charge

The Oregon based electric motorcycle company, Brammo, today announced and began taking pre-orders for the Enertia Plus, the company’s fifth and latest model.

Set for delivery in 2011, the Enertia Plus comes with a 6.0 kWh Brammo Power Lithium Ion battery pack, and a manufacturer’s suggested retail price of $8,995.

(Electric motorcycles can qualify for federal and state tax rebates for electric vehicles.)

According to the company’s chief executive Craig Bramscher, the Enertia Plus is a zero-emissions motorcycle that will travel 80 miles on one charge, over 60 miles per hour, and should take about 6 hours to fully power up at any electric vehicle (EV) charging station with Level 1 capabilities. By contrast, Brammo’s debut machine, the Enertia, went only 40 miles on a single charge and used 3.2 kWh Valence-branded batteries.

Asked to compare the environmental impact of the Enertia Plus to that of a popular, current model of a classic motorcycle, Bramscher said “Our ‘wells to wheels’ calculations show an Enertia being 92% more efficient, and that’s assuming the dirtiest electricity in the U.S. — coal generated electricity — was used to charge it.”

The company is working on an electric vehicle battery take back and recycling program that Bramscher promised would be in effect by the time the Enertia Plus began to ship to customers in 2011.

Earlier this year, Brammo attained $12.5 million as part of a series B round of venture funding. The company is in the process of raising the second tranche of the series B round, targeting $30 million total now. Its financial backers include Alpine Inc., Chrysalix Energy Venture Capital and Best Buy Capital.

The Enertia Plus will sell at dealerships, including some Best Buy stores, according to a company press statement.

Brammo recently released the Empulse Trio line of electric motorcycles which use the same battery technology as will be featured in the Enertia Plus. The Empulse Trio bikes at the high end have a 100 mile per hour top speed, and can travel 100 miles per charge. The Empulse Trio bikes are race bikes, not meant for riding with a passenger. The Enertia Plus can accommodate a passenger.