This Post Was Too Long To Read, So We TL;DR'd It is a web application that summarizes long winded articles and even longer winded RSS feeds into small, medium and long versions for those of us with truncated attention spans. “When I’m reading a story on CNN or NY Times, I want to know more than the high points but don’t want to read 6 pages of text,” says creator Jeremy McAnally. Word.

In fact, this post used to be really really excruciatingly long, with pie charts and graphs and quotes from analysts along the lines of “We estimate the size of the ‘too long didn’t read’ market at $6 million by 2013 …” but then we got distracted and just fed it into the TL;DR summarization machine for your quick ADD-addled enjoyment.

Built in around 48 hours, is currently in “project mode,” though McAnally does hint that he has a few ideas for monetization or just selling the service outright. My colleague Robin Wauters and I actually can’t wait until McAnally builds a feature that does exactly the opposite, turns a tweet into an essay.

Watch out tech journalism!

Thanks: HN