AdMob Serves Its 300 Billionth Mobile Ad Since 2007

In a Tweet just sent from Google Mobile Ads account, the company said that its mobile ad network, AdMob, has hit a new milestone today. AdMob has served a whopping 300 billion mobile ads since 2007. The network added another 100 billion ads since May, when it posted its 200 billionth ad milestone.

To give you a perspective of how fast the AdMob is growing in terms of ads served; it took nine months to get to 200 billion ads from 100 billion in August of 2009, and only 5 months to get to 300 billion. Clearly, growth is accelerating for the network.

Google announced its $750 million acquisition of AdMob last year, but the closing of the deal was drawn out due to concerns from the FTC over anti-trust issues. Over six months after announcing its plans to acquire AdMob, Google finally closed the deal at the end of May, a week after the FTC unanimously approved the deal.

While AdMob used to publish monthly statistics and data surrounding its mobile ad network, the company stopped discontinued the reports in May for “a few months.” In terms of how many monthly requests the network is seeing; we know that in May received 10 million mobile ad requests. I’m sure that number is higher now.