You'll Be Able To Watch President Obama's Town Hall Without Leaving

As you may be aware, President Obama is holding a Town Hall event today with the help of TV networks MTV, BET, and CMT. One key to the event, which takes place at 1 PM PST, are tweets. The President will be fielding questions from Twitter when people use the appropriate hashtags such as “#askjobs” or “#askeducation”. Obviously, you’ll be able to watch this on TV, but if you’re stuck at your computer, you can watch it there too. And for the first time, you can actually watch the event on itself.

Thanks to the recently launched (and now fully rolled out) New Twitter, you’ll be able to refresh your Twitter stream on the site while at the same time keeping a right-side pane open with a live video stream of the event. This type of event showcases why the two-pane system was a smart move for Twitter. And you can probably expect a lot more viewing opportunities like this in the future. “We worked with MTV to make sure the video will play live in the details pane,” a Twitter representative tells us.

Twitter says there isn’t a link for this live stream pane just yet, but says to watch the @MTV Twitter account for it.

The companies involved in the hour-long event today also worked with graphics house Stamen to make this awesome-looking Twitter tracker site. This site showcases the nearly 100,000 tweets related to the event so far. The top hashtags as of now: #myGreatestFear, #myGreatestHope, and #askForeignPolicy.