SCVNGR Partners With Chicago For Citywide Location-Based Treks

Location-based game SCVNGR is announcing a new slew of partnerships today—this time with cities. The startup is officially announcing its Cities program today, in which SCVNGR works directly with tourism boards or entities to build city-specific challenges and treks on the location-based gaming platform.

Over the past few months, SCVNGR has worked with select entities like Philadelphia’s Convention and Visitors Bureau and Boston’s Freedom Trail Foundation for organization or event-specific treks. But today, the startup is rolling out a city-wide gaming program, with Chicago and Atlanta as initial launch partners.

Chicago’s city tourism entities are launching a number of branded treks on SCVNGR for city visitors and residents. Users can complete challenges in particular neighborhoods, earn points and unlock local rewards.

For example, SCVNGR offers a Chicago Taco trek that leads visitors to authentic taquerias around Chicago. Another trek involves completing challenges on Navy Pier. The Presidential Chicago Trek on SCVNGR asks users to follow President Obama’s Chicago faves and go-to spots.

Partnerships with cities and tourism boards is just one more way that SCVNGR is looking to take its location-based game to a mainstream level. The startup has also struck a number of other high-profile partnerships with companies and organizations, including Gamestop and the Boston Celtics.