Another Video Of Google's Automated Toyota Prius (On Its Campus) Arrives

If you’re going to be testing unmarked automated cars in the field, inevitably people will get curious and – because it’s 2010 and all – whip out their video cameras or cellphones to record them in action. If you’re Robert Scoble, you’ll even do it while driving.

Hence the video of Google’s awesome automated Toyota Prius cars we posted earlier (as well as Scoble’s).

But here’s one that was captured last March at the Googleplex, stopping for a red light, giving the guy who recorded the video (hat tip to Van Tucker) the chance to get some close-ups of the car and the sensor that’s mounted on top.

I’m terribly excited about the prospects of automated cars becoming the trend in, say, a decade or so. And you’ll get to brag that you watched one of the first videos of Google testing the technology on the road back in 2010. Unless it flops, of course, in which case you’ll still get to say you watched a video of another thing Google cooked up but never got anywhere.

Still, kudos for the desire to innovate, you Mountain View idealists you.

[vimeo w=640&h=400]