SEC Filing Suggests Zynga Paid At Least $6.3 Million For Bonfire Studios

According to a form D SEC filing submitted today by Zynga, it appears that the gaming giant paid at least $6.3 million for recently acquired video game developer Bonfire Studios. We reached out to Zynga and they would not comment on the filing, which indicated that the company sold over $6 million in stock.

Zynga’s been on a buying spree over the past few months but we rarely get glimpses of how much Zynga pays for its acquisitions as the company is usually tight-lipped about how much it spends on each studio. And there could have been additional cash involved, which would not be disclosed in this filing. Earlier this year, another filing indicated that the company paid at least $20.5 million for Austin gaming studio Challenge Games.

Along with Challenge and Bonfire, Zynga has bought XPD in Beijing, Unoh Games in Tokyo, Conduit Labs in Boston, and Dextrose AG in Frankfurt, Germany in the past six months.

Of course, the company has more than enough cash to pay for all of these acquisitions. The company has received massive cash infusions the company from Google, Softbank, and others.