Lockheed & Darpa Develop Real Life ‘Aimbot’ For Snipers

From one military story to another. It looks like Lockheed and DARPA have jointly developed a system that makes it easier for snipers to pick off their targets. Yes, a real life aimbot of sorta. It’s called the integrated spotter scope, and means that snipers would be able to shoot effectively from a distance of up to 3,600 yards. That’s quite far, indeed.

The system is scheduled to go into testing next October.

What it does is automate many of the calculations that snipers usually have to calculate. Things like the curvature of the Earth, moisture in the air—things you have no idea exist when you’re sniping your friends in Call of Duty or Medal of Honor.


The system’s integrated spotter scope (ISS) should measure crosswind, maximum effective range of the weapon, temperature, atmospheric pressure, humidity, cant and pointing angles, and GPS coordinates, as well as allow direct day and night observation of targets with continuous updates of the aim point offset corrections, with no alignment verification of the laser/crosswind optics to the spotting scope necessary.

And now we wait for real life +5 trainers.