Kontagent Unleashes New Version Of Facebook Analytics Platform

Kontagent, an fbFund winner and social analytics platform, is launching a new version of its social analytics suite, complete with social funnels, social event tracking and other features. Kontagent is now tracking over 70 million monthly active users, and has reached over 150 million social network users over the past two years.

Kontagent’s platform gives Facebook app developers and publishers detailed data of demographics based on geographic location, age groups, gender, user engagement times, social interaction and other variables. The new version allows developers to track and optimize advertising efforts, user virality, in-app mechanics, virtual goods, currency monetization, and more.

Using a unique social identifier, Kontagent’s Social Event Tracking system will define and track specific, detailed user interaction events, allowing developers to adjust games and applications to fit the needs of users to engage with the application the most.

Kontagent’s Social Funnel allow developers to create and track the performance of funnels for application installation flow. For example, users can track certain monetization events, first users experiences, and more.

The startup, which has raised $6 million, to date, also extends its analytics platform to iPhone and web applications using Facebook Connect.

Kontagent’s founder Albert Lai says that the platform is increasingly being used by social game developers, and the new version offers tools that fit nicely with evaluating data from game mechanics, including virtual goods, and more. While Lai declined to name all of his clients, he says that “most of world’s largest game publishers” are using Kontagent.