I Got a Pony! I Mean, Reid Hoffman Is My Guest on Ask a VC this Week

File this under “ask and ye shall receive part two.” Reid Hoffman– uber angel turned Greylock partner– will be my guest on Ask a VC this week.

There are plenty of things to ask Hoffman about. He was an angel investor in some of the most pivotal Web 2.0 companies, including Friendster, Facebook, Six Apart, Digg, Zynga and LinkedIn, which he co-founded.

Hoffman was heavily courted by most top tier VC firms for years, and many people were surprised when he finally capitulated and joined Greylock rather than starting his own firm ala fellow Web mastermind Marc Andreessen. I plan to ask him what was so special about Greylock, and about the new seed fund launched at Disrupt.

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