TCTV Roundup: The Final (Video) Verdict On Windows Phone 7

Windows Phone 7: Solid Platform, Sorry Future,” “The Era Of The Uber Smartphone Is Here,” “Microsoft Launches Windows Phone 7 But Does Anyone Care?” “Live From Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 Launch Event“…and the list goes on.

Now that we’ve inundated you with a battery of posts on Microsoft’s new mobile operating system, it’s time for a time out and a gut check. In vintage Siskel and Ebert fashion, we asked our reporters to give us their final verdict on Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 operating system via TCTV.

Spoiler Alert: While no one was wildly optimistic on Microsoft’s chances, many of our reporters saw a glimmer of fight in this OS. However, as always, as MobileCrunch’s Greg Kumparak says, buyer “be wary.”

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