The Stemie – You'd Be Nuts To Ride Without One

There’s nothing worse then having a bicycle accident when you’re riding balls-out. Not only do you take a nasty spill, there’s also the risk of permanent trauma to your junk. Not to mention the temporary embarrassment of crawling on the ground clutching your sack. Luckily, the Stemie is designed to help prevent permanent damage, but it won’t help with that temporary shame.

The Stemie is a rubber cover that fits over the part where your handlebars meet the frame. The concept is quite simple: instead of risking potential castration, you put a rather unsightly rubber ball on your bicycle, and protect the family jewels. The Stemie is a mere $19, which is a small price to pay to prevent a crushed testicle. Plus, it beats shoving a cup down your bicycle shorts.

[via Bike Snob]