Scoreloop Brings Social Gaming SDK To Samsung's Bada Platform

OpenFeint rival-Scoreloop is partnering with Samsung today to offer its social gaming SDK to the device manufacturer’s smartphone platform, bada. Scoreloop will provide the SDK to its network of over 3,000 developers.

The native Scoreloop bada SDK will allow developers to integrate with social networks like MySpace and Facebook, include engaging features like online leaderboards, cross promotions and player challenges, and monetize through in-game currency purchases. Scoreloop will also include a games discovery app on Samsung bada devices that will feature games built off of the social gaming platform.

Considering that Bada is not nearly as large of a platform for developers as Android and iOS platforms, Scoreloop’s deal probably won’t bring in a flux of new developers and games. But Scoreloop’s CEO Marc Gumpinger tells me the partnership could turn into much more for the startup. Gumpinger says the company is working on moving into the connected television world, and will soon allow developers to create customized apps for web-connected TVs, including Samsung devices. An existing relationship with Samsung, says Gumpinger, will certainly help the company reach this goal.

Scoreloop, which has raised $2.8 million in funding, also offers its social gaming platform for Android phones.