Good news for European shoppers as cuts delivery fees

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A year ago, introduced free delivery for orders in Ireland, the first country outside the UK where shoppers could benefit from the policy. As from today, just in time for the holiday season, an additional 17 countries gain free delivery for millions of items, provided the orders are above £25 (about 28.6 euros).

The countries in which the service will also be available from today include: Italy, Greece, Norway, Spain, Belgium, Luxembourg, Poland, Sweden, San Marino, Netherlands, Denmark, Portugal and Finland.

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    […] Good <b>news</b> for European shoppers as cuts delivery fees […]

  • Vladimir

    I counted 13 new countries. Which are the rest 4?

  • Daniel

    Here is the link on Amazon UK: offers free Super Saver Delivery to the following countries:

    Belgium, Denmark, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Andorra, Finland, Gibraltar, Greece, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Liechtenstein, Norway, Portugal, San Marino, Spain, Sweden, Vatican city, Poland.

    Where is Germany?! :)

  • Eniko

    Germany has already Why should be another one?

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  • rob.maish

    Amazon really makes my work easier.

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