Ask A VC: Chris Dixon Solves Your Problems [TCTV]

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Well, I guess all I had to do was ask. After my mopey post Monday I got flooded with questions for Chris Dixon, and the nature of the questions has taken a decidedly “Dear Abby” spin. Dozens of you asked for Dixon’s advice on specific problems, but at the same time problems that many entrepreneurs face. Questions ranged from the tactical– how to use online marketing to get more contributors to a UGC site?— to the strategic– how scared should an entrepreneur with a great idea be about a potential partner stealing it? We also talk about where Dixon sees his company Hunch in five years.

And, as promised, I asked about why Dixon got a Harvard MBA and if it was a waste of money. He tries to justify it, but admits that, like me, his parents “were horrified.”

Dixon isn’t one of those guys who gives a pat answer to an entrepreneur’s problem. So we didn’t get to very many questions before we had to go, but I’ll roll some of them over to next week’s guest, tentatively Reid Hoffman. (Note: I haven’t really confirmed that with him, but since asking for more questions in a post got me a flood of questions this week, testing whether just writing that Hoffman is the guest in a post will make it happen. If the guest isn’t Hoffman we’ll have our answer. If the guest is Hoffman expect a forthcoming post about a pony.)

As always send questions to askavc(at)techcrunch(dot)com.

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