Adobe Debuts AIR For Android – Now Let's Wait For The Apps

The AIR for Android runtime is now available in Android Market, enabling developers to push mobile AIR apps built with Adobe’s developer platform. You’ll need a handset equipped with Android 2.2 (Froyo) and obviously this doesn’t mean you’ll be able to run your native AIR desktop apps like you know them on your phone.

They’ll need to be specifically built for mobile devices, as Adobe evangelist Ryan Stewart points out.

There are only a couple of apps for AIR for Android so far, but another Adobe evangelist, Serge Jespers, has started a list of available applications on AppBrain and promises to keep it updated.

To be honest, that list needs to be filled with a lot more (and more robust) apps before one can actually thoroughly evaluate AIR for Android as a platform at face value, so for now consider this a soft launch.