60mo Gives QuickBooks A Minty Dashboard

For businesses both big and small, planning for the future is integral to a company’s success financially. There are a number of software applications that help companies create forward looking profit and loss statements and more, but 60mo is hoping to disrupt this space by offering a dead simple web-based application for both small businesses and enterprise companies.

The tool, which launched at TechCrunch Disrupt’s Startup Alley, allows you to import your financials from a number of accounting software programs including QuickBooks and FreshBooks, as well as directly from financial institutions, including Bank of America, Chase and American Express. The startup will also ask new users a set of questions regarding their industry, business model, office location(s), staff, shareholders, and accounting system. 60mo will then create an optimal account structure with built in projection trends, reports, and more for each company.

Of course, the ability to share this information within a company (i.e. with accountants, shareholders, lawyers, payroll companies etc.) is also integral to any application that automates financial forecasting. 60mo will allow users to give service providers controlled access to financial projections, profit and loss rollups, HR data, cap tables, and more.

In terms of pricing, 60mo seems fairly affordable at $19 per month for an unlimited amount of users.

60m is sort of like a Mint.com for small businesses. It’s similar in some ways to recently launched Indinero.