Stealth Startup TheIceBreak Wants To Use Gaming To Help 'Center' Your Relationships

As we saw from TechCrunch Disrupt’s GameCrush, gaming and online dating can surprisingly find a middle ground. Another stealthy startup, called TheIceBreak, also wants to help people meet each other using gaming elements, but adds a slightly different twist.

Co-founded by YouTube’s first UI Designer, Christina Brodbeck; and former head of YouTube Mobile Dwipal Desai; TheIceBreak is both a web and mobile game with the purpose of creating and bettering your relationships. Although Desai and Brodbeck are reluctant to give out details of the soon to be launched service, TheIceBreak is designed to stay with users through all stages of their relationships, whether they are single or not.

Brodbeck (who is actually an angel investor in GameCrush) says that TheIceBreak will fill a gap that is taking place in the online dating space, which is fraught with high membership churn and low return engagement. The startup, which will take certain features from Brodbeck’s previous dating site Pickv, will focus on helping users find a partner and help better the relationship once you find that partner. The site is expected to launch before the ends of the year.

Without set details, it’s hard to tell if TheIceBreak, which is self-funded, will be able to gain traction in the online dating space, which is dominated by, eHarmony and other larger sites. Being that Brodbeck and Desai both have significant experience in online video; it would be interesting if the site could incorporate video into the platform in order to “break the ice.”