One Kings Lane Hires 10 Year eBay Veteran Greg Fant To Head Marketing

Flash commerce site One Kings Lane continues to tear things up. The Kleiner Perkins backed startup cofounded by Ali Pincus (Zynga’s Mark Pincus is her husband) has just hired Greg Fant as Chief Marketing Officer.

Fant is a ten year veteran of eBay – his most recent job, ending today, was vice president of North America marketing where he managed a team of more than 100 employees.

In a recent post we noted that One Kings Lane was hiring a chief financial and marketing officer. CEO Doug Mack says that they are still looking for their CFO.

And revenue is supposedly on a tear. The company simply won’t disclose or even hint at how large sales are, but we’re digging. What they will say is that revenue grew 500% since last year, and grew another 60% in the last three months alone. Our guess is revenues are in the low tens of millions – anything less and they probably wouldn’t be able to hire this caliber of employee at C-level executive positions.