Zingaya launches tweet-to-call service, when 140 characters isn't enough

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Zingaya, the UK-based VoIP startup, has launched a fun new service today that makes it easy for your Twitter followers to call you. I’m calling it tweet-to-call in reference to the company’s main offering, its click-to-call widget that can be embedded on any web page. Dubbed zin.to, here’s how the new service works:

After logging in through Twitter, you’re asked to link your account with either a phone number (U.S.-only for now) or your Skype username. Next you choose whether to let any of your followers call you or only a specific Twitter user. And finally, you specify the window of opportunity or how long you want the tweet-to-call option to be open. The service then sends out a tweet along the lines of “@sohear please call me within 30 minutes via http://zin.to/”.

Pretty neat, huh.

A few caveats. As already mentioned, it will work with U.S. landline and mobile numbers only for now, although having only just thrown it out there, the company plans to open it to other countries soon. Secondly, the first 30 mins of call forwarding is free per-day after which you’ll need to buy credit, which is obviously how Zingaya plans to monetize this new service. That said, if you enter your Skype username instead, there aren’t any limits. Either way, it’s a way of letting followers call you without revealing your phone number or Skype handle. In my case, that means it’s also PR-proof.

So how might this be used in the real world? The company gives the following examples.

A pizza store Tweets that they’re having a 2-for-1 pizza special for the next 60 minutes.  People following the pizza store’s Twitter feed can click on the Tweet, putting the customer immediately in touch with the pizza store.  The customer talks through their web browser, the pizza store talks through their landline. Adds incentive to following a company.

An online retailer who sees their best conversion rates when their call center is engaged through the phone. They could use Zingaya’s zin.to Twitter app to get prospects on the phone with call center reps (through special Twitter deals).

Both work for us.

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  • Aubrey

    Danielle Morrill of Twilio already made this service and its called…. wait for it…


    • Steve O'Hear


    • Skip

      Twilio is a callback service. Zin.to uses Flash – you talk through your browser. Different stories.

      • http://www.tweettocall.com Danielle Morrill

        (Thanks Aubrey!)

        Yeah, this is more similar to (the now defunct) Phweet, let’s you click a link and talk through your browser. Definitely seems to be a trend here, maybe I’ll spend some cycles on TweetToCall this weekend :)

  • Aaron


  • http://www.meetingwave.com jb

    Very cool. Like the “call for pizza” use. Clever.

    Haven’t tried yet, but would be nice to freelancers and others to set a time for open calls (e.g., message goes out weekdays and window open for a few hours “Call me to discuss any SEO questions”).

  • http://whystart.wordpress.com/2010/10/06/zingaya-launches-tweet-to-call-service-when-140-characters-isn%e2%80%99t-enough/ Zingaya Launches Tweet-To-Call Service, When 140 Characters Isn’t Enough | Why Start?

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  • Adolf bin Streisand

    Burning solution looking for a problem…

    Why not just tweet one’s phone number? When viewed on the phone, click the link and call launches.

    When viewed on a computer, the person would have the laborious task of dialing the digits to order his low cost pizza.

    Am I missing something?

    • Steve O'Hear

      See the examples given. You don’t need to dial a number, just click on the link in the tweet and you VoIP call through your browser/PC.

      • Adolf bin Streisand

        Uh, yeah, I know.

        So if I’m the pizza joint looking to advertise my special via this service, I will save my potential customers (who also use skype) the bother of dialing a number.

        That definitely makes it easier to buy pizza.

        Reminds me of those call-back links we used to see on sites. rather than dial a number listed on the site, i could enter my number and have them call me.

        Burning solution.

      • Skip

        What about Chrome OS, are you going to install Skype in it? Flash is already available there. Everything goes to the browser.

  • Jonathan

    Terrible name. Should have just called themselves Googleaya or Grooponya or Facebooya.

    • Skip

      Zingaya.com was registered when there was no Zynga yet, so you are wrong :)

  • http://mbigbsby.blogger.com morton Bigsby

    So 2006.

    Have you seen Twitter Caller?

    You can have a free TW conference call now.



  • http://www.cell-phone-plans.net/blog/cell-phone-applications/zingaya-launches-a-tweet-to-call-for-when-140-characters-just-isn%e2%80%99t-enough/ Zingaya Launches a Tweet to Call for when 140 Characters just isn’t enough

    […] In reference to the main offering from the company I’m going to reference it as tweet to call. Tweet to call is the company’s widget which is a click to call widget which is embeddable on any webpage. […]

  • http://www.mojo-ad.com Matt Stadler

    As an avid user of Twitter, and a Millennial, I worry that this service attempts to destroy a lot of what makes Twitter great: the anonymity. Even if I have several hundred followers, how many of them am I actually interested in talking to? And I already have the numbers of most of those. Sadly, I think this service would fall into the same problems that other anonymous voice chat services have such as chat roulette, or even xbox live where you hear nothing but constant “smack talk.”

    But who knows? Given the success of Chat Roulette, I can see Twitter users turning this on to a Skype account just to see who calls up.

    Matt Stadler
    Mojo Ad Researcher

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  • http://www.pdaforsale.net/ PDA Phones

    Will it only be available in the uk or also in other countries ?

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